Chicago, IL. Post 1

September 4, 2006 at 11:59 pm (Michael's Posts)

Medical school applications are almost in my rearview mirror. I’m crossing my fingers and letting it all go. Interviews would be great but I can’t let the fear of rejection get to me. What’s the point, anyway? It doesn’t get me anywhere. So I’m just doing my thing. That consists of:

Working at Cook County Hospital (now called John H stroger, Jr Cook County Hospital, but I don’t like that name much, so I’ll just call it County from here on) as a volunteer research assistant. I won’t assume that people know about County, so here’s a little blurb: It’s one of the oldest public hospitals in the country whose primary mission is to serve the underserved. It’s west of downtown Chicago and is ENORMOUS. I have met a few doctors there, all brilliant and wonderfully energetic, and I will be working on a few projects in the General Medicine division to start with. I’m just getting rolling, so the projects themeselves are still a little foggy in my mind, but here are little synopses:

The Health Benefits of African Dance: This study is being done by Dr Irene Martinez (Argentinian woman, very hip). She noticed a lot of her female patients of color, espeically Latina and Black women, were not excersizing because they percieved that there were not images of women that looked like them in the media, etc. Basically, they were seeing skinny white women running in the desert and saying, “That’s not me.” Dr Martinez had the idea to encourage African dance classes because the centrality of rhythm and dance in Latin and African culture makes this kind of excersize totally relevant. She is just completing the first round of classes. The study is on perceptions of health and excersize and how much these women get out and get active and whether the classes change their lifestyles. I’d just be doing data entry for her, but she’s awesome and I think I’ll be shadowing her at her other clinic and doing more work with her.

The other project I am less clear on. I’m working with Dr David Goldberg, the head of the fellowship program at County. They’re setting up a system that would connect patients who needed more specialized help with psychological or substance abuse issues with the proper care providers. It seems that now, there is a lack of fruitful referrals and this system would get to the bottom of that. He’s also working on a smoking-cessation program and I’m not sure if this is part of that, or something different. More on that as I meet with his team and get clear on the mission. For that one, I’d be working as a patient interviewer and research assistant. I also may get to work on some grant-writing and other things. He says that he wants to expose me to as much as possible. Bring it on, Dr G. 🙂

That’s about all for now. I’m moving to Roger’s Park (the North side. What, What!) in a month where I will reside til med school.

-Michael Soule-



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    petraziegler – Have a nice day 🙂

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