cheesesteaks and chili fries

October 11, 2006 at 4:47 pm (Links, Sam's Posts)

I don’t how my current city of residence, Philadelphia, would ever be able to mimic what might happen in New York City and Chicago, among other places.

New York City Plans Limits on Restaurants’ Use of Trans Fats

Seems pretty cool that the New York Board of Health can go ahead with legislation like this without much bureaucracy or red tape to bust through. I don’t want to speak too soon, of course.

 I’m pretty sure you can register on for free, so don’t complain that you need to log in to view this article. I feel like I’m breaking copyright laws when I copy and paste articles into word and post them on the web.



  1. Alexandra Coria said,

    Hey Sam – you’re definitely not breaking copyright laws to repost an article from the NYT, as long as you credit it properly. Blogs and news sites do it all the time.

    Also, while I’m at it, I would love to be an author on this blog; is that possible?

    Alex Coria

  2. sstolper said,

    Alex, you are now an author.

  3. Flesh-eating Dragon said,

    Alternatively, if people want to bypass registration, they can do so by using 🙂

  4. degilman said,

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