Life Insurance for HIV sufferers

December 2, 2006 at 8:28 am (Sarah's Posts)

Another article from The Economist (sorry–I’m traveling around a lot this month).

What do you all think about this approach?  To me, it seemed like a great way to give incentives to people living with HIV/AIDS to take care of their health.  I imagine that one of the big stressors for HIV/AIDS sufferers is what will happen to their families after they are no longer available to make money and take care of them.  That being said, I think that this policy is still unaffordable to most people in the country, let alone most HIV sufferers.  I wonder if there is any sort of equivalent model for poorer HIV suffers that would encourage them to take care of their health and would help east the burden on families who have lost loved ones.  Or, as the article brings up, is there still too much discrimination for people to want to sign on to such a policy?  It also strikes me that it would have to come hand in hand with availability of good treatment services so that it would be possible for people to take care of themselves.  Practical or utopian dream?

Life Insurance for HIV Sufferers: South Africa Rethinks


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