Melinda Gates speaks

December 11, 2006 at 4:29 pm (Alex's Posts)

This interview with Melinda Gates in today’s Wall Street Journal is interesting for those who are curious about priority-setting at the Gates Foundation.  I thought it was especially interesting, in her answer to the sixth question down, the way she mentioned the copper mining industry in Zambia as a partner in malaria control.  No doubt they are an essential partner, but it makes me wonder what the mining industry is like there, and if certain “compromises” are being made for the sake of the success of their Zambia program…



  1. Aman said,

    You probably can see more of Melinda Gates at the presidential summit on malaria on Thursday morning. The Kaiser Family Foundation is webcasting the whole summit for free (we have posted more on our blog).

  2. Alex said,

    Yes, you’ll definitely be able to see more of her there, along with a lot of representatives of influential malaria stakeholder groups. I’m guessing that this interview, and the other media coverage Melinda’s gotten in the past week or so, are part of the strategic buildup of her public role as an advocate on behalf of the Foundation. She’ll have a large role at the summit.

    The summit is actually being managed out of the First Lady’s office (though both the President and First Lady will be there), and marks Laura Bush also taking a public role within malaria advocacy efforts. Odds are we can expect Melinda and the First Lady to become leading spokeswomen on this issue in the near future.

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