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March 5, 2007 at 9:18 pm (Michael's Posts)

Hey all. Sorry about the hiatus. My internet access has been spotty and I’ve been preoccupied. But you’ll hear from me in a couple days in a more expanded format.
I’d like this post to be a little book list . Add books in your comments, second reccommendations, and/or rebut reccommendations. Really, just add your books, though. 🙂 And include a little description.
Mine tend to be a little social-science theory-heavy. I miss my social science major and I really love theory. The bent of my reading has been to improve the theoretical framework with which I will be approaching care for the vulnerable in society.

-Michel Foucault, The Birth of the Clinic
(regarding the overarching structure of medical view in western culture. As Foucault tends to be, this is thick stuff but once you get the hang of his lingo, it’s really amazing insights into how doctors think, how they ought to think, and how we ought to think about health in general. He takes a historical-philosophical approach)

-Kwame Ture (formerly Stokeley Carmichael), Black Power
(Read a while ago but really amazing ideas about how how Black Americans in particular need to think about power structures and social organization in order to bring about change. Helpful for me because it showed me better than a lot of commentaries on the black-white problem in the US where I can fit in and be helpful. Possibly ideas that apply to other minorities/vulnerable groups in the world but is probably limited to American Blacks.)

-Sydney Lewis, Hospital
(In the middle of reading this oral history of Cook County Hospital and it has raised some interesting issues, some of which are probably unique to the County but most of which I am pretty certain apply elsewhere, as well. An interesting look at the stories of people who try to provide quality care to poor people in the midst of a prosperous society.)

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  1. Alex said,

    Another good read (that I’m currently reading), “The World’s Banker” by Sebastian Mallaby. The history of the World Bank told throught a chronicle of Jim Wolfensohn’s career.

  2. Class Consciousness! « Brown for Global Health said,

    […] a book by Sydney Lewis about Cook County Hospital (It’s called Hospital. I added it to my book list post) and various people have brought up the issue of class. A lot of people have said that the issue of […]

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