Universal blood created

April 6, 2007 at 6:10 pm (Sarah's Posts)

I’m attaching an article for what I thought was a nifty new technology–universal blood.  It seems that they’ve found enzymes that can convert the sugar molecules that identify red blood cells as A and/or B to O.  Which means that blood in the blood supply could be converted to type O, which can be universally given to any patient without worry about the immune system attacking foreign blood.

This particular article doesn’t mention anything about the affordability of this treatment (probably not very affordable), but it could be an interesting solution to some of the mis-regulation that goes on in blood supplies in the world.  Although this isn’t a solution to all the communicable diseases that can be passed through the blood supply, it could help minimize the deaths that are caused from transfusing the wrong type of blood or from a lack of the right type of blood available when there is a need.

Has anybody heard more about this?

Universal Blood


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