HIV/AIDS documentary link

August 16, 2007 at 12:08 pm (Sarah's Posts)

I just finished watching what I thought was an excellent PBS documentary that follows the history of HIV/AIDS over the last 25 years.  It is 4 hours long, but is divided into sections so you can poke through and see what might be of interest.  If you do scope it out, I’d love to hear what you think.



  1. Tia said,

    I thought that this documentary was terrific. I was long, but it was helpful to have it broken down into sections. Each section started out by zooming into a city that would be the issue of topic, so you can watch the first couple seconds and see if that’s what you want to watch. The fact that is went through the past 25 years was incredibly enlightening to me because I have not lived through it all. What I did know of AIDS was limited to my small sphere in the United States and what I’ve read from reports on Africa, but this special connected outbreaks from Asia, the Middle East, and South America which I really appreciated. It was helpful and interesting.

  2. Lionization said,

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Lionization

  3. Elizabeth said,

    I agree I thought that the series was very well done and covered issues that I think many people aren’t aware of. For example, the past of HIV/AIDS. We watched this for a class assignment and I was not aware of the history of the emergence of the disease. There were many false stigmas attached to HIV/AIDS that have been addresses and corrected, more so in developed countries. Although some are different, there are still many stigmas in developing countries that are still a barrier to progress on the fight against cancer. The social stigmas attached to this disease prevent those infected from seeking treatment. Although there is still a lack of man power and funding to fully battle this crisis, awareness has risen which is the first step. There have been different programs implemented to address this problem but they still seem to have fallen short. So what’s the next move? What’s it going to take?

  4. Health and safety policy Toronto said,

    This is a systematic dissection of the HIV/AID$ machine and how they hijacked a program designed to fight a worldwide plight of human suffering and drove it down the road to hell. Yet this program offers hope, inspired by the courage and articulate arguments of a group of growing voices internationally challenging the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hysteria. One of the most powerful video documentaries of our time boldly reveals the modern medical-industrial complex’s dire descent into utter corruption. This feature-length expose explains exactly how the 300-Billion-dollar AID$ fraud began, why HIV can NOT be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and who manipulates the public’s good intentions while poisoning hundreds of thousands with toxic drugs that cause the very disease they are supposed to prevent.

  5. lkjony said,

    the documentary is awesome. here is a clear idea about AIDS. it is based on 25 years experiment. nowadays it is divided into many section. the consequence of the diseas is death. so thanx sarah to post these type of blogs.

  6. weight loss said,

    This documentary is informative for the persons who are interested on searching knowledge. Thank you for such an excellent creation.

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