What We’re About

This is a grassroots attempt by some Brown University graduates to bring together voices, ideas, and experiences in, for, and about global health. We believe that one person can make a difference. But why work alone? A dedicated group can do more than one inspired ideologue any day.

We are also in process as people. We aren’t experts (what makes someone an expert, anyway?) but we are passionate. That’s reason enough for us to share our ideas and experiences.

So we have set up this web space as a place where dreamers can come together and talk. Dialogue is a simple, effective way of creating the foundation for progress. But our kind of dreamers are primarily doers. We’re out there in the world striving for change. And this is a place to share our trials, tribulations, and breakthroughs. When discoveries are made, they must be shared in order for others to build new discoveries upon them. That’s the whole idea. We hope you like it and if you’re inspired, speak up and join the gathering.

Let’s share. Let’s grow together. Let’s change things together.


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